Why should you join FILSCAP?

FILSCAP is home to thousands of songwriters—both hitmakers and mavericks alike—and the most renowned music publishers in the Filipino music industry.  As the biggest society for music creators, we advocate for the welfare of our members and stand for the proper usage of music which involves the enforcement of the public performance and communication to the public rights of our members to ensure that they enjoy the economic benefits from the public playing of their compositions on FILSCAP-licensed venues and platforms, whether local or international, such as TV and cable, radio, live events/concerts, digital streaming platforms, and establishments among others. Our reciprocal agreements with foreign societies also ensure that our members’ musical works are protected in other countries.

The membership benefits include getting assistance with regard to enforcing the public performance and communication the public rights of their musical works registered to us, receiving royalty payments, seeking legal assistance for free, applying for a cash advance and financial assistance (medical, calamities, and funeral), and attending member-exclusive events and workshops.

More than just a collective management organization which collects and distributes royalties, we also support our members in their songwriting journey. Through our various member-exclusive programs, songwriters of all ages are given opportunities to hone their craft, learn more about their rights as music creators, and widen their connections within the music industry.

If you love creating music, you are more than welcome to be part of our society whether experienced or newcomer, published or independent. Click on the different types of membership below for more information on the application requirements.

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Our Member Exclusive Events

FILSCAP Fellowship Party 2019: Our last event for the year!

As our family keeps on growing, we thank each and every one of you for continuously entrusting us to serve you. We hope that this special night brought you memories to keep and friendships to look forward to. We’ll see you again in 2020!

FILSCAP Master Camp: The first major songwriting collaboration in the Philippines!

The FILSCAP Master Camp 2019 was just a vision two years ago and it has become one of the successful pilot events of the society.

FILSCAP Songwriting Camp Y4 with a new creative songwriting twist

Yearly, we conduct a songwriting camp for our members to allow them to develop and enhance their songwriting skills with guidance and assistance from mentors and arrangers.
Last August 21 – 23, we launched our 4th annual Songwriting Camp at Hacienda Isabela, Indang Cavite.


Here are the official photos for the FILSCAP General Assembly 2019…

FILSCAP Sportsfest 2019

Checkout the official photos of our first 2019 Filscap Sportsfest! Shout out to all the passionate…

140 Scout Rallos Ext. Brgy. Sacred Heart Quezon City, Philippines