The very first FILSCAP Master Camp

The FILSCAP Master Camp was just a vision two years ago however; it has become one of the successful pilot events of the society. Spearheaded by FILSCAP President Rico Blanco, with the help of the FILSCAP consultant team, their primary inspiration behind this event was to bring some of the top FILSCAP contributors to collaborate and create new songs that could further elevate our country into the global music scene. In addition to that, this is also one of our ways to give back to the composers who have shared their time for and with us through participating as guest speakers of our events or mentoring campers for our regular Songwriting Camp.

The 16 participants selected from our top FILSCAP contributors were gathered for four days from Sept 29 to 0ct 3, 2019, to be part of the very first songwriting camp of its kind in the Philippines.


Vehnee Saturno, Yeng Constantino, Lito Camo, Jim Paredes, Top Suzara, Edwin Marollano,
Gloc 9, Jonathan Manalo, TJ Monterde, Ebe Dancel, Yael Yuzon, Jungee Marcelo, Tito Cayamanda,
Davey Langit, Yumi Lacsamana, Herbert Hernandez


“When you put all these great minds together, magic can happen.”

Rico Blanco

FILSCAP President

They were divided twice into four groups while each group has four composers and were assigned one tracker each. The trackers for this year are Albert Tamayo, Marlon Barnuevo, Paulo Zarate, and Roy Del Valle.

We have also invited four professional singers – Hans Dimayuga, Gail Blanco, Cyril Cabornay, and VJ Caber – to help them during their recording sessions.

The venue, Kamana Sanctuary Resort, was a beautiful resort located in Subic Zambales with majestic beachfront view which served as their temporary home for five days. Its beauty was best fit for songwriting perhaps why the music that they have produced radiated magic during and even after the camp.

One of the most remarkable moments throughout the stay was the writing, arranging, and recording sessions. How these composers throw melodies and lyrics to make things work. The FILSCAP Master Camp has shown that even though they’re individually different, they can support each other and share the same love and passion for songwriting. The process may differ for every group but the songs that they have all produced came out nothing but perfect.

Furthermore, seeing them together in one room, making music, was truly one for the books. It’s an awe-inspiring moment to witness seasoned and successful songwriters working together for a project.

It did not only exceeded expectations in producing 11 astounding songs in various approaches but this event has become a way for these composers, who’ve known each other for years but never got the chance to collaborate, to form a bond beyond four walls. It was undoubtedly a worth it experience, all thanks to everyone who made the event possible!

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