Why do you need a License?


of shoppers like shops that play in-store music


of people say a shop that plays music is more inviting

Establishments play music to subliminally affect their customers in various ways. Studies have shown that music can be used to entice or attract consumers, establish or strengthen a brand, improve consumer experience, and increase the productivity of employees. FILSCAP can help businesses be more profitable in many ways! 

FILSCAP holds the licenses of the majority of the world’s repertoire of music. We are here to serve those who make music and for those who use music. By virtue of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, FILSCAP serves music copyright owners, such as composers, lyricists, and music publishers and protects their right to control how their music is used. Individuals or organizations who wish to use copyrighted musical works of our members and members of our affiliate societies worldwide must secure a license before they can publicly play, broadcast, stream, or reproduce (in certain cases) any  copyrighted local or international musical compositions.

Collective management organizations (CMO) such as FILSCAP provide the service of identifying, locating, and securing prior permission from the copyright owners of each copyrighted song. By securing a license, FILSCAP makes it easier and more convenient for every music user to enjoy the power of music. We follow international best practices in the assessment of license fees. 

How to get a License



 Download and fill out the application form that corresponds to your license category here.



Email the application form at 
A draft license agreement will be emailed back to you.




Review and sign the licensing agreement and send it back to our Licensing Department. 


Pay the assessed license fee. An official receipt will be issued, including the “We Value Music” sticker badge for establishments, and the signed copy of your licensing agreement.



Enjoy playing millions of copyrighted music
from our worldwide repertoire.


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