Why do you need a License?

Studies have shown that music can influence consumer behavior, improve customer experience, establish or strengthen a brand, and improve work productivity. These indicate just how valuable music can be to an event, establishment, business or workplace.

Under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (“IP Code”), a copyrighted song cannot be publicly played, broadcasted or streamed without the prior authorization of the copyright owner. Without that authorization (which is ordinarily given through the issuance of a license), the music user can be held civilly and criminally liable for copyright infringement since the unauthorized use is tantamount to using or exploiting someone else’s (intellectual) property without permission. The legal penalty for the unauthorized use is serious as the first offense is punishable by imprisonment for up to three (3) years.

FILSCAP, being the government-accredited Collective Management Organization for music creators/copyright owners, assists music users in getting the necessary authorization to publicly play, broadcast and stream millions of copyrighted local and foreign songs in the Philippines. In consideration for the authorization (which is granted through the issuance of a license), FILSCAP collects license fees which it then distributes to its members and the members of its affiliate foreign societies. FILSCAP also issues synchronization and mechanical reproduction licenses for some of the songs under its repertoire.

How to get a License



 Download and fill out the application form that corresponds to your license category here.



Email the application form at
A draft license agreement will be emailed back to you.




Review and sign the licensing agreement and send it back to our Licensing Department. 


Pay the assessed license fee. An official receipt will be issued, including the “We Value Music” sticker badge for establishments, and the signed copy of your licensing agreement.



Enjoy playing millions of copyrighted music
from our worldwide repertoire.


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