Membership Requirements


Duly accomplished and signed Application Form;


Photocopy of Government-issued ID;


Duly accomplished and signed Declaration of Works (listing of all the applicant’s original musical compositions);

Note: If the rights over a musical composition are currently assigned to a music publisher, the said musical composition may ONLY be declared as part of the applicant’s repertoire in Declaration of Works if the music publisher is a FILSCAP-member;


Proof of any of the following:

a. That an original composition of the applicant was recorded as part of a commerciallyreleased movie or film that has been publicly exhibited in any FILSCAPlicensed cinema or venue (e.g.,copy of the movie or film with credits, or certification from the movie producer);
b. That an original composition of the applicant was publicly played at least three (3) times in the last twelve (12) months in any FILSCAPlicensed establishment, venue or event, excluding FILSCAP events (e.g., videos of recent performance or certification by the manager of the establishment);
c. That an original musical composition of the applicant is being publicly played or broadcasted on any FILSCAPlicensed TV, cable or radio station, excluding FILSCAPinitiated radio guestings(e.g., recordings of the broadcast, or certification of use from the station);

That an original composition of the applicant is available, or being made available, for downloading or streaming on a FILSCAPlicensed website, app or digital service.

d.1. In the case of streaming services, the composition must have been played a significant number of times in the past year. For Spotify, the number of streams should be greater than or equal to 1,000.

d.2. In the case of YouTube and other FILSCAPlicensed digital services whose license fees are based on ad revenue, however, only musical compositions in videos with commercial ads will be considered.


Five (5) copies of duly signed and notarized Deed of Assignment (to be executed as soon as the FILSCAP Board confirms the eligibility of the applicant to become a FILSCAP member.)

Note: The Deed of Assignment requires the applicant to assign his/her public performance and communication to the public rights (i.e., the right to authorize or license the public playing and communication to the public) over his/her musical compositions to FILSCAP. The assignment will be effective only for as long as the applicant is a member of FILSCAP. Accordingly, the assigned rights will revert back to the applicant if he/she ceases to be a member of FILSCAP; &


Payment of Php 300.00 admission/processing fee and Php 300.00 annual membership fee (to be paid within 60 days upon admission of membership.)

For submissions or questions, email membership@filscap.org

Downloadable Forms: