Membership Requirements


Duly accomplished and signed Application Form;


Photocopy of Government-issued ID;


Duly accomplished and signed Declaration of Works (listing of all the applicant’s original musical compositions);

Note: If the rights over a musical composition are currently assigned to a music publisher, the said musical composition may ONLY be declared as part of the applicant’s repertoire in Declaration of Works if the music publisher is a FILSCAP-member;


Proof of any of the following:

a. That an original composition of the applicant was recorded as part of a commercially-released movie or film that has been publicly exhibited in any FILSCAP-licensed cinema or venue (examples of proof: copy of the movie or film with credits, or certification from the movie producer);
b. That an original composition of the applicant was publicly played at least three (3) times in the last twelve (12) months in any FILSCAP-licensed, radio station, establishment, venue or event, excluding FILSCAP-initiated radio guestings  and events (examples of proof: videos of recent performance or certification by the manager of the establishment or certification of use from the radio station);
c. That an original composition of the applicant is being publicly played or broadcasted on any FILSCAP-licensed cable or TV station;
d. That an original composition of the applicant is available, or being made available, for downloading or streaming on a FILSCAP-licensed website, app or digital service. In the case of YouTube and other FILSCAP-licensed digital services whose license fees are based on ad revenue, however, only musical compositions in videos with commercial ads will be considered;

Five (5) copies of duly signed and notarized Deed of Assignment (to be executed as soon as the FILSCAP Board confirms the eligibility of the applicant to become a FILSCAP member.)

Note: The Deed of Assignment requires the applicant to assign his/her public performance and communication to the public rights (i.e., the right to authorize or license the public playing and communication to the public) over his/her musical compositions to FILSCAP. The assignment will be effective only for as long as the applicant is a member of FILSCAP. Accordingly, the assigned rights will revert back to the applicant if he/she ceases to be a member of FILSCAP; &


Payment of Php 300.00 admission/processing fee and Php 300.00 annual membership fee (to be paid within 60 days upon admission of membership.)

For submissions or questions, email

Downloadable Forms: