COVID-19 Member Financial Assistance Updates

In response to the financial difficulties caused to the public by the COVID-19 pandemic which is a public health calamity, FILSCAP will be providing financial assistance to ALL its members (₱5,000 for those who have been members for at least 5 years and ₱3,000 for those who have been members for less than 5 years). This assistance will be on top of the annual ₱50,000 medical expense reimbursement assistance that FILSCAP currently provides to its regular members who are hospitalized, admitted to the emergency room, or subjected to outpatient surgery.

The financial assistance will be released through the members’ paycards within the week (subject to bank availability). For those who do not have paycards yet, our Membership Department will get in touch with you to assist you. 

FILSCAP is one with the country in its efforts to contain COVID-19. In line with this, we are canceling all events (including the Campus Caravan, Songwriters’ Night Open Mic, and Masters’ Lecture Series) until further notice. This will also help to augment reserve funds for FILSCAP members’ medical assistance. The General Assembly and Elections will also be rescheduled to a much safer date.

We urge everyone to take extreme precautions to combat the virus. We wish for all of you and your loved ones to come out safe and healthy from this pandemic. Together we can do this.


Get in touch with our Membership Department

For the COVID-19 member assistance, please contact us through any of the following:



Keren Pascual – 0998 987 7929

Alex Giron – 0936 635 3984
Lenneth Lansang – 0917 578 0204 


Early Release of Unlogged Performance Allocation

FILSCAP has resolved to allow the early release of our members’ Unlogged Performance Allocation (UPA) this year in the amount of Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P2,500).

As practiced by other societies abroad, the UPA is an equal amount given to each member of our society during our last quarterly royalty distribution in December as payment for their works which may have been publicly performed or communicated to the public by FILSCAP’s licensees but were not reported by the said licensees, or monitored by FILSCAP. Per our distribution rules, however, members who have not earned any royalty (other than UPA) from FILSCAP for the last three (3) consecutive years are not entitled to UPA until such time that the usage of their work/s by a FILSCAP licensee is again reported to, or monitored by, FILSCAP. 

For those who wish to claim their UPA now, please send an email request to our Membership Department through the email address: membership@filscap.org. (Please note that our annual membership fee is automatically deducted from the UPA unless the said fee has already been paid by the member.) 

Whether entitled to UPA or not, members who suffered loss of income due to the quarantine may now also apply for additional financial assistance from FILSCAP by sending your written request to our Membership Department detailing your income loss. The additional financial assistance will be Two Thousand Pesos (P2,000) for those who have been members for at least five years, and One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P1,500) for those who have been members for less than five years.

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